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Change of a lifetime

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I'm in such a difficult position right now. This can change my life for ever, but it all depends on this one decision. This will most certainly be the longest and most worrying week of my life, and probably my nearest friends. I haven't digested it yet. The thought of me moving halfway across the world to live there. For a few years. Such a different culture, completly different. I have only told my dearest and most loved friends of mine, because I trust them.

2012 has really been a fucked up year, to say it straight. I can really not come up with one positive outcome which has happened this year. I spend my days, hours, minutes thinking of this. I shouldn't have known this before the offer was given, and the decision was about to be made. But done is done, and I try now my best to focus on other important things in life.

Anyways, If it results in me leaving this summer, for three years living far away from home, I want my friends to know that no one can ever replace them. They're a part of me, and I can not live without them. I love them, so much.

This summer is going to be the best summer of our lifetime, even though it results in me leaving, or staying. So much will be done this summer. No more "We want to"s , but "We are going to"s.

Dear God, please be with us now.

I am here tostay.


I can't sleep, it's hard to breathe

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At this point, I don't know whether I should cry, sleep or throw up. Earlier this year, I told myself to do whatever I wanted, as long as it made me happy. I ignored all consequences, and got carried away. Eventually, we both realised where it had led us.

Now, I don't even know what to do. I feel like I'm literally living a nightmare. There's nothing in the whole world I want to do right now, except holding him, which of course is the only thing I can't do. And when that only thing that makes your daily battles worth fighting is gone, what are you supposed to do?

One day I might wake up thinking that it's time to get my life back together. Until then I don't mind suffering a little while, because right now, that's the only thing I'm able to do. My whole life I've been obsessed with the idea that I had to be so strong all the time, but now I'm giving up. It's okay to feel broken sometimes.

Some day I'll be ready to let go.

I just have to look at it as a learning experience instead of a heartbreak.


I like you.

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I think I've fallen, and it scares me. I have no idea how this willl work out, if it even will. To be honest, we are quite so different. We saw eachother for aproximatly 600 days during high school, with only exchanging a few words. No feelings, no I-do-really-like-you-alot smiles, no eyecontact, nothing at all.

But now. During the summer, we've developed a bond which I appreaciate so much. I'm afraid (in a special way) to open myself too much up for you, due to that I don't want to lose what we've already got. If you only could do the next step, it would be so much easier for me. I won't dare to do that myself. I don't want to be rejected in that way.

I am often looked at the smart, organised, and nice girl who never does anything wrong. Atleast, that's what I feel that others look at me as. I listen to any type of music, but most likely to be about love. I usually watch simple, cute movies, about romance and sweet love.

For the past years, you've been the gangster-type, who's out late, hanging in town with all your friends. You listen to the rappers who sings about serious topics, and you watch movies which includes murders, blood and hard lives.

Contrasts? Oh yes.

But when I talk to you, you offer to do the small things I've dreamt about. You ask me if I wany you to carry my jacket, bag, or books. You open doors, and you pay for all expences. You watch the cute movies I say I like, just cause you know I appreciate it. You text me good morning, and never want me to go to bed at night.

Yes. I am definetly in love. Hope this one works out.


We're all lost

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I'm sick of wondering. I'm sick of trying. I'm sick of watching. I'm sick of trying to look away. I'm sick of wanting. I'm sick of needing. I'm sick of caring.

Just smile and stop fucking caring about what other people do. It's your life, and you still have the power to control it.

Life is not all about perfection. We've been given hearts to love with, but sometimes we prefer hate. We've been given brains to help us act right, but sometimes we make mistakes. We've been given eyes to see all that's beautiful, but sometimes we only see everything that's not. We've been given lives to live, but sometimes we just choose not to.



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I can't understand how I manage to keep up with all of his crap. I miss my old life. I miss not being jealous, hurt and afraid of loosing someone.

I can't be unsure now. I hate it. Either I want you, or not. But I can't controle it.

One day, I can adore and love everything about you. Then it comes to a turning point, and everything I want, is to crawl up in bed, and be mad at him for doing his actions. I suppose this happens to almost every teenager. But I can't handle it. Kind of.

(To be honest, I kind of like being mad and upset over him. It reminds me that I've got feelings for him, and that I haven't given up. Yet.)

But think of it. Be realistic. I'm only 15. Got my whole life infront of me.

Fuck this.



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So fucking tired of this insane crazy actions of yours. Man up. Grow up. If not, we're done.

Stop ruining me.



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I've never gone with the wind
Just let it flow

Let it take me where it wants to go
Till you open the door

There's so much more
I've never seen it before

I was trying to fly
But I couldn't find wings

Then you came along
And you changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground and
Spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm falling and

I'm lost in your eyes
You make me crazier,
Crazier, crazier.



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I'm unsure.

I'm unsure about my future.

I'm unsure about what friends I will have forever.

I'm unsure what I should do about HIM.

I'm unsure whether I'm good enough.

I'm unsure if I will achieive my goals.

I'm unsure if I've made the right choises.

I'm unsure if I will be making the right choises.

I'm unsure if I'm scared or not.

Actually, I don't really wanna know. I will make it out, somehow.



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1.Tre ord om meg: Sjenert (for fremmede), ansvarsfull, spesiell.

2.Det frste jeg gjr om morgenen er:Ligger og drar meg i senga i 15 min

3.Nr jeg hrer p radio blir jeg:glad

4.jeg gleder meg til: Sommerferien og Paris

5. Klesskapet mitt er fullt av:Alt mulig. Gamle, nye, fine, stygge klr og sko.

6.Nr jeg skal pynte meg:S bruker jeg lang tid.

7.sminke er:noe jeg bruker lite av.

8:Frste gang jeg smakte alkohol var jeg: ingenting. Juleaften med familien.

9.Jeg fler meg mest sexy:nr jeg har mye confidence.

10.i kaffebaren bestiller jeg: melk.

11. i baren bestiller jeg:nothing.

12.P fest finner du meg: fester ikke slik.

13.ved sengekanten har jeg: Charlie, mobilen, og lys.

14.Jeg kan ikke leve uten:Musikk, venner, flelser og familien min.

15.Barn er:irriterende sm skapninger som jeg vil ha 3 av

16.Om natta:Sover jeg som oftest.

17.i veska har jeg:Kamera, lommebok, mobil, ipod, lipgloss, pen, mynter. og sppel

18.Trening er: babbaba.

19.Politikk er:helt ok. ok kjedelig

20.kjrlighet er:Grunnlaget til alt.

21.i hst skal jeg unnemeg:Tid til det jeg vil. + skole

22.Alle jenter burde: Vre selvsikre. Drite i alle andre.

23.Alle gutter burde: Prve forst jenter. litt mer en normalt.

24.Jeg er drligst til: forklare andre ting.

25.Jeg er flinkest til:Dunno.

26.Jeg simpelten elsker: England

27.Det mest ulovlige jeg har gjort: Ikke betalt t-banebillett.

28.Jeg beundrer: Folk som virkelig gjr noe ut av live sitt hjelper andre.

29.Det beste jeg vet:Vre med venner, og oppleve noe.

30.Min vrste uvane:dunno.

31.Jeg er medlem i:Den norske kirke.

32.Jeg tror p:Gud og det oppn noe.

33.Du visste kanskje ikke at jeg:sover med stjernelys rundt senga.

34.P skolen var jeg:Flink.

35.Som venn er jeg:Hpls. (kilde: 14')

36.Nr jeg har fri:Hrer jeg p musikk, danser p rommet, og er med venner.

37.Jeg brenner for:musikk

38.Om fem r har jeg: flyttet hjemmefra. Bor i England.

39.Om ti r er jeg: vil ikke vite.

40.Det er lov lyge viss:Sannheten virkelig ikke kan fortelles.

Kopier den du ogs!!


Spring in Paris

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Perfect nightmare

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Keep telling myself that it's not worth it
I already know I don't deserve it
But if it's from you I don't mind hurting
This is my perfect nightmare
So when will I wake up and scream
No way



Pretty pretty please

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You keep saying it. Over and over again. In your words, you define yourself as a slag. And that you're not worthy my time, and love. Please stop saying that. You're killing me. Your words haunt me, and follows me through my whole day, and night. It's almost impossble to formulate what's going through my mind now. I won't give up on you. The only thing that can keep me from you, is if you say it. The 4 words which every soul is afraid of.

'I don't love you'.

Pretty pretty please. Don't ever say that.


So am I still waiting

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So this is how life turned out to be. Should you finally accept it, or keep holding on to the past knowing you can never let go until you get it back, or at least, get a replacement. Also called as rebound(s)?

It's the feeling you get when you're ill, waiting to get healthy. But you know deep inside that you won't be able to get healthy in a while. That frustration you feel when you think about how long you've been ill, and you don't understand why you haven't got any better by now. That's the feeling you get when you wish to be happy, but you know that you can't because of your life situation. You know that if you want to, youcan make it better, if you make the best out of the situation. But it's that defense in your subconscious, that's always lying there denying the fact that it's possible to be happy without the things you lost.

Still I want, and still I ache, and still I wait.



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Sitting there, fooling around, suddenly I'm up on my feet dancing around. Jumping around, waving my arms, screaming the unknown lyrics of the song, with the biggest grin on my face, and my eyes sparkling as glitter as the light hits, and reflects.

The dancing around is to releave the anger.

The singing covers up my screams.

The smile is fake.

The sparkle in my eyes are caused by tears.

Nobody notices.

Thank you, for not having to share my pain and story with you.



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sjalu. sjalu. sjalu. bare stikk av, please. beklager, men du er ja, gaaaaaaaaaaah.


fake a smile, as fucking always.



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I have one real best friend. She's always there for me. I trust you by the far greatest, and I love you. :)


Bullet in your brain

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Loving, complaining, caring, crying. When it's not perfect, it's nothing. Life is never good. Not good enough. Your desperate needs, your way of doing things, your way of living life. It's not like you can control your feelings, but you can get yourself together. Once you hit the floor, you give up. Just like that. I sometimes do that everyday, but it's okay.

You can just sit there saying "life's not fair." You got that right mister, but so what?

So you think that all you need is one thing? Wake up.

You can't see how weak you are ..



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Noen ganger blir jeg s forbanna at jeg holder p bite i stykker tunga mi.

Unskyld meg, men HVA TENKER DU MED??!


Push, pish posh.

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oh yeah, that's totally okey. Pushing your beloved out, just for a while. Expecting them to come back to you?
Well, think again mister.


A hell of a move.

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Entering a relationship when you are young, can be a hell of a difficult move.Especiallyif itincludesdistance. At this moment, we're still young enough to be partlycontrolledmy parents, and other things like school, friends, andenvironment. A lot of friends of mine tells me that I'm lucky. Like, why are you complaining? You've got someone who loves you. Who you love back.

I tell you this. Love is the greatest power in the universe. And it has the power to controle everything. Me loving him, has animpact on me at school, with my family and friends, and not to mention, my social network. If i go a day without talking to you, I don't feel well. A day without you, is like a day with a part of me missing. It is extremely hard sometimes, feels like my life depends on you. Should it be like that? I don't know. But what I do know, is that I wouldn't trade what I have with you for anything. I am so grateful for what you have given me. The hardest part, i suppose it that I am jealous of the people who get to see you every day. I'm not able to do that. I can see you, but not touch you. That sucks.

I'm not strong enough to handle this on my own, but on the other side, who is really capable of helping me?
Words won't help over longer periods. That includespositiveand negative comments.

I was supposed to keep this post straight. But now, I don't know where I'm going. Well, my point is;

Is it really worth giving so much of my life away, when I'm only 15 years old?


4 words

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I don't trust people. I usually don't let people in. I don't tell people about my problems, and I'm very protective of my heart. I'm a very stubborn person and I don't like to admit that I'm wrong.

I don't know what I did. But I do know that I did something. And I know that this is who I am, and you couldn't accept that. You don't trust me, I get it. Because I don't trust you either. And It's weird to think about that someone can be so warm, open and amazing. Then suddenly so cold. All I really want now, is the truth. Why. I'm so sick of thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together, because it all comes down to "wtf did I do!"

It's not that I'm depressed about it, but I'm that kind of person who just can't relax and make peace with myself before I find the right answer.

You know, I'm not just blaming you. Because everytime you said you loved me, and cared, I was the one who was stupid enough to believe it.



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Our highest power is love, and it is one thing each of us has an unlimited amount of. How much love do you give to others in one day?

Each day we have an opportunity to set out with this great, unlimited power in our possession, and pour it over each person and circumstance.
Love is appreciating, complimenting, feeling gratitude, and speaking good words to eachothers.

We have so much love to give, and the more than we give, the more we can receive.



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"Marry me. Take my hand, and we'll run away together." He said.

"That would be like a dream" , I replied, and smiledstupidity to myself.

"Well let's make it reality?" He answered.


The greatest gift

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Love suffers long and is kind;
love does not envy;
love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
does not behave rudely, does not seek its own,
is not provoked, thinks no evil;
does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;
bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.


1.Corinthians 13:4-8

nr. 13'


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Sometimes I just wanna sink down into a hole and fucking die.


Trying isn't always good enough

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It's funny how things changes. A year ago, I would have thought "wow, I will never be able to go through anything without you to help me". Now I realize that I've been through so much crap, and I did it without you. This is the point where I stand tall and say "I don't need you". All those times where I was close to tears, and I was just about to pick up the phone and call you, but I was clever enough to leave it. I never let you in, which was the most clever thing I've ever done. Because now I know how to survive without you. This was a year ago. And the only difference is that now, I have no choice.

I don't know when I will be able to forgive and forget, but it will happen when I'm ready or when I choose to erase you. That is the hardest part.

I've spent so many minutes, hours, days, feeling sorry for myself. I've thought of all the people that have left me, and that your life is so perfect and cried over that I'm not a part of it. But in the end, it's you I feel sorry for. Because when the day comes when you lose everything, I will for the first time watch you sink lower than me, and I may even look into your eyes and say that I can't help you.

You actually used to be the person I looked up to. But now you have really messed it up. I just hope you don't lose the only thing you have left. Because it will destroy you.

The truth is that I still love you, and I want what's best for you. I just don't need you or want you anymore. But you don't care anyway so I'll just pray for you in silence. This is me swallowing my pride. Unbelievable?

nr. 13'


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Sometimes you just have to give the fuck in what everyone else think! Just be who you are, and make the hell of your life real!

I'm now standing alone, surrounded by only you. Does it look like I care?


Reached the end

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That one moment when you just lose all respect for someone. When you find out that the friendship has been a total lie. And you can't understand that the little kid he used to be in the start could change to that monster he has become. You want to know what is going through the thing's head, and why. It's just sick how people can change.

If I only could go back in time and change everything. Just a few months back in time, I would trust him and tell him almost everything. And opposite. If that wasn't a lie too. Now he acts like nothing is wrong, and hurts his friends behind their back. He betrays the people who used to be his only friends. The only people who even bothered to be his friends when he had nowhere else to go.

It's like a demon has brainwashed him and taken over his head. Like he thinks he's a different person than who he really is.

He used to be a sweet boy who was nice to everyone and never did anything wrong. He used to be a good friend. Now he's just a backstabbing liar. Not to mention false. Our friendship isn't worth anything anymore. It's smashed, broken and shattered. If you want to put the pieces together, you have a hell of a job.

You fucking bastard.


How will things be later?

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Haven't talked to you for ages, that scares me. a little. Depending on the future, wondering how things will be then.How will things be when you come back? The same? Better? Worse? I don't really wanna think about it, but I can't stop it. If we end up going threw the same period again as we just have, there's no way i'm gonna let that happen.

nr. 13'

You'll never know

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You'll never know you've taken my heart
And hidden it in some place I'll never find.
Inside, my love is burning only for you,
Yet you'll never know.

Cos you've taken the key that unlocks my heart,
Where my secrets are kept for all eternity.
And until the day that you'll discover my secrets,
I'll reckon that dreams are better than reality
Cos you can't refuse my mind's imagination.

nr. 13'

How to make me feel

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You allways know how to make me feel-Good.Bad. Warm. Upset.
Even when i feel like nothing can be worse, and I decide to talk to you for a change. To lighten my mood. - You can make me sink deeper down, than what I already am. The moment when i regret talking to you, since all I ended up with as a whole bunch of questions. Wonder what you feel when you know that you've said something you know would upset me ?Do you have this good feeling, because you managed to make somebody else feel bader than you? Like you usually manage.Or do you spend a whole lot of time, just thinking about what you've done. and regret it?
Sometimes, I would do anything to see what's going on in your mind. Just for a second. I'll mostlylikelysee your mind ful of this girl you always talk about. Even though i know her. A little. But i wouldn't mind at all. I kinda got out of topic now, so i think i'll stop.
I hate that I love you so much.

nr. 13'

Questions I will never ask

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If I suffered, would you be there for me ?
If I laughed, would you laugh with me ?
If I was sad, would you care ?
If I needed you, would you come right away ?
If I died, would you cry ?

Do you ever think about me ?
Do you ever miss me ?
Do you ever see me in your dreams ?
Do you ever wish we were closer ?

Should I believe that we will be friends for a long time ?
Should I tell you all that bothers me ?
Should I tell you more often how much you mean to me ?
Should I stop talking with you ?

Why do you tell me you care ?
I say, If you don't love me like you say you do, stop fucking with my heart.

nr. 13

Entering writer's block.

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blhblhblh *-* Skrivesperre.

Help ?

number 13'

You were my best friend

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Noe jeg tenker p nesten hver dag, er gammelt vennskap som n er ddt. Jeg tenker p at de jeg for 2 r siden var bestevenn med, ser jeg hver dag. Men vi sier ikke et ord til hveradndre. Som om vi aldri har kjent hverandre. Nr man tenker p det, gir det ingen mening.
Nr jeg tar meg tid til tenke p minnene, fler jeg et stort savn. Og jeg lurer p om hun noen gang tenker p meg og det vi hadde. Om hun i det hele tatt bryr seg. For det vi hadde var veldig sterkt og burde ikke hvert s lett bryte opp. Men det var det. Det var rett og slett bare det at vi mistet kontakten.
Jeg vil bare si at jeg tenker fortsatt p dere og savner vennskapet vrt. Og nr jeg graver i minner, innser jeg hvor mye dere betydde for meg.

' nr. 13

What's on my mind right now ?

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' nr. 13

i love you

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I love you, because you show respect.
I love you, becauseyou care.
I love you, becauseyou listen.
I love you, becauseyou tell.
I love you, becauseyou trust
I love you, becauseyou live.
I love you, becauseyou are you.

You are loved. Anytime, Anyhow. By me.

nr. 13'


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Have you ever felt so bad that you want to die ?
Well, i can tell you that both of us have. It's nothing you can run away from, but hopefully it will dissapear with time.
It's often caused by love. When you know that the person you love doesn't love you back, you can't find any reasons to stay alive. It can also appear whilst you feel that you isn't loved by anyone at all. Lonelyness.
One of the things that helped us through it was music. And friends. You just have to hang on until things get better. Because there's always a happy ending. If you are not happy, it's not the end.
The fact is that depression is just something that all of us have to go through in life. And it sucks, but it's just life. People handle this period of time different, some people decide to show it, whilst others, keep it inside themselves.
Just remember to fight for yourself, because God didn''t create you to see you give up on life.

' nr. 13

Den andre siden

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Noen gang hrt om Spiritisme ? Vel, det har vi gjort, og tenkte vi kunne gi dere en liten veiledning om hvordan det gjres. Spiritisme er en mte kontakte de dde p og det kan vre fint, men kan ogs virke veldig skremmende.
Du trenger et ouija brett, et glass, lys og et mrk rom uten speil og helst uten elektrisitet.
Ouija brett kan bde lages og kjpes, men er enklest lage. Da vil det se slik ut:

Det fungerer kun hvis alle er innstilt p at det skal g. Du starter ved be forbnn, noe som f.eks. kan vre: Jeg ber om at vre hjelpere skal tre inn for beskytte oss under denne seansen. Jeg ber ogs om at De Hyeste skal tre inn i en sirkel av lys. Deretter holder du glasset over et telys, fjerner det mens du holder hnden for glasset og setter det p brettet. nden skal n vre inni glasset. Alle tar en svak finger p glasset. Det er vanlig starte med sprre om det er noen der. Fr dere kontakt, spr om nden er ond. Fr dere kontakt med en ond nd m dere med en gang avslutte seansen. Er det derimot en god nd, kan dere sprre i vei om det dere vil vite. For avslutte seansen, m dere ogs be en bnn som kan vre: Jeg ber ndene om g ut av seansen. Jeg takker De Hyeste og mine guider for beskyttelsen. Jeg lukker seansen. Dytt deretter glasset til adj.

Skal dere ha seanse er det veldig viktig flge reglene. dvs:

- Ikke spr om dden
- Ikke spr sprsml om hva som vil skje i fremtiden
- Ikke spr om f se nden
- Vil noen avslutte, avslutt
- Ikke g fra spillet uten lukke seansen
- Knus glasset etter seansen
- Vr forsiktig med hvor du oppbevarer brettet
- Det er viktig forsikre seg om at dere ikke blir forstyrret under seansen
- Husk at spiritisme ikke skal gjres for gy

Vi tror at det finnes noe mellom himmel og jord og dette kan vre noe av det.
Hper dette var til hjelp, gir gjerne nrmere forklaringer hvis dere nsker det !

* Tror du p spiritisme ?
* Har du gjort det fr ?

' nr. 13

Velkommen til min blogg!

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Dette er den frste posten p min nye blogg ;)

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