Reached the end

That one moment when you just lose all respect for someone. When you find out that the friendship has been a total lie. And you can't understand that the little kid he used to be in the start could change to that monster he has become. You want to know what is going through the thing's head, and why. It's just sick how people can change.

If I only could go back in time and change everything. Just a few months back in time, I would trust him and tell him almost everything. And opposite. If that wasn't a lie too. Now he acts like nothing is wrong, and hurts his friends behind their back. He betrays the people who used to be his only friends. The only people who even bothered to be his friends when he had nowhere else to go.

It's like a demon has brainwashed him and taken over his head. Like he thinks he's a different person than who he really is.

He used to be a sweet boy who was nice to everyone and never did anything wrong. He used to be a good friend. Now he's just a backstabbing liar. Not to mention false. Our friendship isn't worth anything anymore. It's smashed, broken and shattered. If you want to put the pieces together, you have a hell of a job.

You fucking bastard.


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