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I don't trust people. I usually don't let people in. I don't tell people about my problems, and I'm very protective of my heart. I'm a very stubborn person and I don't like to admit that I'm wrong.

I don't know what I did. But I do know that I did something. And I know that this is who I am, and you couldn't accept that. You don't trust me, I get it. Because I don't trust you either. And It's weird to think about that someone can be so warm, open and amazing. Then suddenly so cold. All I really want now, is the truth. Why. I'm so sick of thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together, because it all comes down to "wtf did I do!"

It's not that I'm depressed about it, but I'm that kind of person who just can't relax and make peace with myself before I find the right answer.

You know, I'm not just blaming you. Because everytime you said you loved me, and cared, I was the one who was stupid enough to believe it.


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15, Oslo

Vi er to jenter fra Norge, som skriver om vre tanker, meninger og diverse andre ting. Innleggene kan vre bde p engelsk og norsk. Btw, kommentarer er alltid koselig :D