So am I still waiting

So this is how life turned out to be. Should you finally accept it, or keep holding on to the past knowing you can never let go until you get it back, or at least, get a replacement. Also called as rebound(s)?

It's the feeling you get when you're ill, waiting to get healthy. But you know deep inside that you won't be able to get healthy in a while. That frustration you feel when you think about how long you've been ill, and you don't understand why you haven't got any better by now. That's the feeling you get when you wish to be happy, but you know that you can't because of your life situation. You know that if you want to, youcan make it better, if you make the best out of the situation. But it's that defense in your subconscious, that's always lying there denying the fact that it's possible to be happy without the things you lost.

Still I want, and still I ache, and still I wait.


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15, Oslo

Vi er to jenter fra Norge, som skriver om vre tanker, meninger og diverse andre ting. Innleggene kan vre bde p engelsk og norsk. Btw, kommentarer er alltid koselig :D