I can't understand how I manage to keep up with all of his crap. I miss my old life. I miss not being jealous, hurt and afraid of loosing someone.

I can't be unsure now. I hate it. Either I want you, or not. But I can't controle it.

One day, I can adore and love everything about you. Then it comes to a turning point, and everything I want, is to crawl up in bed, and be mad at him for doing his actions. I suppose this happens to almost every teenager. But I can't handle it. Kind of.

(To be honest, I kind of like being mad and upset over him. It reminds me that I've got feelings for him, and that I haven't given up. Yet.)

But think of it. Be realistic. I'm only 15. Got my whole life infront of me.

Fuck this.


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16, Oslo

Vi er to jenter fra Norge, som skriver om vre tanker, meninger og diverse andre ting. Innleggene kan vre bde p engelsk og norsk. Btw, kommentarer er alltid koselig :D