I can't sleep, it's hard to breathe

At this point, I don't know whether I should cry, sleep or throw up. Earlier this year, I told myself to do whatever I wanted, as long as it made me happy. I ignored all consequences, and got carried away. Eventually, we both realised where it had led us. 

Now, I don't even know what to do. I feel like I'm literally living a nightmare. There's nothing in the whole world I want to do right now, except holding him, which of course is the only thing I can't  do. And when that only thing that makes your daily battles worth fighting is gone, what are you supposed to do? 

One day I might wake up thinking that it's time to get my life back together. Until then I don't mind suffering a little while, because right now, that's the only thing I'm able to do. My whole life I've been obsessed with the idea that I had to be so strong all the time, but now I'm giving up. It's okay to feel broken sometimes. 

Some day I'll be ready to let go. 

I just have to look at it as a learning experience instead of a heartbreak.



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15, Oslo

Vi er to jenter fra Norge, som skriver om våre tanker, meninger og diverse andre ting. Innleggene kan være både på engelsk og norsk. Btw, kommentarer er alltid koselig :D