Change of a lifetime

I'm in such a difficult position right now. This can change my life for ever, but it all depends on this one decision. This will most certainly be the longest and most worrying week of my life, and probably my nearest friends. I haven't digested it yet. The thought of me moving halfway across the world to live there. For a few years. Such a different culture, completly different. I have only told my dearest and most loved friends of mine, because I trust them.

2012 has really been a fucked up year, to say it straight. I can really not come up with one positive outcome which has happened this year. I spend my days, hours, minutes thinking of this. I shouldn't have known this before the offer was given, and the decision was about to be made. But done is done, and I try now my best to focus on other important things in life.

Anyways, If it results in me leaving this summer, for three years living far away from home, I want my friends to know that no one can ever replace them. They're a part of me, and I can not live without them. I love them, so much.

This summer is going to be the best summer of our lifetime, even though it results in me leaving, or staying. So much will be done this summer. No more "We want to"s , but "We are going to"s.

Dear God, please be with us now.

I am here tostay.


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16, Oslo

Vi er to jenter fra Norge, som skriver om vre tanker, meninger og diverse andre ting. Innleggene kan vre bde p engelsk og norsk. Btw, kommentarer er alltid koselig :D