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So am I still waiting

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So this is how life turned out to be. Should you finally accept it, or keep holding on to the past knowing you can never let go until you get it back, or at least, get a replacement. Also called as rebound(s)?

It's the feeling you get when you're ill, waiting to get healthy. But you know deep inside that you won't be able to get healthy in a while. That frustration you feel when you think about how long you've been ill, and you don't understand why you haven't got any better by now. That's the feeling you get when you wish to be happy, but you know that you can't because of your life situation. You know that if you want to, youcan make it better, if you make the best out of the situation. But it's that defense in your subconscious, that's always lying there denying the fact that it's possible to be happy without the things you lost.

Still I want, and still I ache, and still I wait.



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Sitting there, fooling around, suddenly I'm up on my feet dancing around. Jumping around, waving my arms, screaming the unknown lyrics of the song, with the biggest grin on my face, and my eyes sparkling as glitter as the light hits, and reflects.

The dancing around is to releave the anger.

The singing covers up my screams.

The smile is fake.

The sparkle in my eyes are caused by tears.

Nobody notices.

Thank you, for not having to share my pain and story with you.



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sjalu. sjalu. sjalu. bare stikk av, please. beklager, men du er ja, gaaaaaaaaaaah.


fake a smile, as fucking always.



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I have one real best friend. She's always there for me. I trust you by the far greatest, and I love you. :)


Bullet in your brain

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Loving, complaining, caring, crying. When it's not perfect, it's nothing. Life is never good. Not good enough. Your desperate needs, your way of doing things, your way of living life. It's not like you can control your feelings, but you can get yourself together. Once you hit the floor, you give up. Just like that. I sometimes do that everyday, but it's okay.

You can just sit there saying "life's not fair." You got that right mister, but so what?

So you think that all you need is one thing? Wake up.

You can't see how weak you are ..



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Noen ganger blir jeg s forbanna at jeg holder p bite i stykker tunga mi.

Unskyld meg, men HVA TENKER DU MED??!


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