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You'll never know

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You'll never know you've taken my heart
And hidden it in some place I'll never find.
Inside, my love is burning only for you,
Yet you'll never know.

Cos you've taken the key that unlocks my heart,
Where my secrets are kept for all eternity.
And until the day that you'll discover my secrets,
I'll reckon that dreams are better than reality
Cos you can't refuse my mind's imagination.

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How to make me feel

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You allways know how to make me feel-Good.Bad. Warm. Upset.
Even when i feel like nothing can be worse, and I decide to talk to you for a change. To lighten my mood. - You can make me sink deeper down, than what I already am. The moment when i regret talking to you, since all I ended up with as a whole bunch of questions. Wonder what you feel when you know that you've said something you know would upset me ?Do you have this good feeling, because you managed to make somebody else feel bader than you? Like you usually manage.Or do you spend a whole lot of time, just thinking about what you've done. and regret it?
Sometimes, I would do anything to see what's going on in your mind. Just for a second. I'll mostlylikelysee your mind ful of this girl you always talk about. Even though i know her. A little. But i wouldn't mind at all. I kinda got out of topic now, so i think i'll stop.
I hate that I love you so much.

nr. 13'

Questions I will never ask

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If I suffered, would you be there for me ?
If I laughed, would you laugh with me ?
If I was sad, would you care ?
If I needed you, would you come right away ?
If I died, would you cry ?

Do you ever think about me ?
Do you ever miss me ?
Do you ever see me in your dreams ?
Do you ever wish we were closer ?

Should I believe that we will be friends for a long time ?
Should I tell you all that bothers me ?
Should I tell you more often how much you mean to me ?
Should I stop talking with you ?

Why do you tell me you care ?
I say, If you don't love me like you say you do, stop fucking with my heart.

nr. 13

Entering writer's block.

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blhblhblh *-* Skrivesperre.

Help ?

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