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I think I've fallen, and it scares me. I have no idea how this willl work out, if it even will. To be honest, we are quite so different. We saw eachother for aproximatly 600 days during high school, with only exchanging a few words. No feelings, no I-do-really-like-you-alot smiles, no eyecontact, nothing at all.

But now. During the summer, we've developed a bond which I appreaciate so much. I'm afraid (in a special way) to open myself too much up for you, due to that I don't want to lose what we've already got. If you only could do the next step, it would be so much easier for me. I won't dare to do that myself. I don't want to be rejected in that way.

I am often looked at the smart, organised, and nice girl who never does anything wrong. Atleast, that's what I feel that others look at me as. I listen to any type of music, but most likely to be about love. I usually watch simple, cute movies, about romance and sweet love.

For the past years, you've been the gangster-type, who's out late, hanging in town with all your friends. You listen to the rappers who sings about serious topics, and you watch movies which includes murders, blood and hard lives.

Contrasts? Oh yes.

But when I talk to you, you offer to do the small things I've dreamt about. You ask me if I wany you to carry my jacket, bag, or books. You open doors, and you pay for all expences. You watch the cute movies I say I like, just cause you know I appreciate it. You text me good morning, and never want me to go to bed at night.

Yes. I am definetly in love. Hope this one works out.


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